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Job Location, Technology Requirements, and Support

At this time, the USBC can only accept applications from residents of CA, IL, MD, MA, or OR, where staff currently reside, and employer registration is already established. Every state has distinct employment and tax laws, filing requirements, and report specifications. Under consultation with HR and accounting professionals, the cost and administrative burden of maintaining compliance in all five states we currently engage, is being balanced with the organizational commitment to grow the team, establish a benefits package, and support all staff in alignment with our organizational values. We look forward to building the organizational capacity to one day open employment to people residing in any state, territory, or tribal nation. We continue to be an equal opportunity employer.

All positions with the USBC are remote, though semi-annual travel to events is expected to resume when conditions allow. Employees work from their home office or other self-identified office location with fast and reliable internet service. The USBC will provide a PC laptop loaded with necessary office software.

Organizational Work Culture

We are a small team doing large-scale, innovative work to transform national policies and systems to build a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and belonging in the First Food field. We are highly collaborative and live our values of servant-leadership to the organizations that serve families and communities. Like many nonprofits, we are unwinding from an old story that working in this sector requires over-functioning in an environment of inadequate support. In that spirit, we celebrate the ability to grow our team. At the same time, we are updating our operational systems and contracting with experts to provide specialist supports to the USBC. We envision a system that is right-sized to our capacity, allowing our work to shine and our team to thrive. We are prepared to make adjustments until we achieve this. Together, we will prioritize honest and proactive communication to fulfill our aim of a healthy balance in care for self, organization, and the systems with which we interact.

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