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Networking Tools

Coalitions Learning Connection

Site users who are active members of breastfeeding coalitions are invited to explore and join the Coalitions Learning Connection, to network and share information and resources with other coalition leaders and members.

How to Use the Coalitions Learning Connection:

  • To access, first request an individual login to the site.
  • Visit and explore the community, including active discussion forums and file sharing libraries.
  • To join, click the "Join Community" button on the community's landing page. Joining will ensure you receive key updates and announcements for coalitions.
  • You can also view and subscribe to the forum "BFC Discuss" (this takes the place of the former State-BFC Yahoo Group).
  • All users and members of Learning Communities must follow the Social Media & Online Community Guidelines.

Regional List Servs

How to Join

To join your region's State/Territory/Tribal Breastfeeding Coalitions Google Group (discussion list serv), click on the name of your region below. Note: You must have a Google account to join. Having a “Google Account” is not the same as having a Gmail address. You can create a Google account with your non-Gmail address. Or if you do use a Gmail address, you can join using that account.

Access the Archives

Already a member of your regional list serv? To access your group on the Web (to view the archives), click on the name of your region in the list above.

Post a Message

To send a message to your list serv, use the appropriate e-mail address from the list below (only list serv members can post messages):