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USBC Social Media & Online Community Guidelines

The United States Breastfeeding Committee (USBC) joins the U.S. Surgeon General in calling on employers, policymakers, health care and lactation support providers, families, the media, and the general public to shape an environment that protects, promotes, and supports breastfeeding. Your input is truly invaluable to this work, and in our role as the national breastfeeding coalition, we are thrilled to be able to interact with you.

USBC social media and online communities are intended to be fora for the exchange of information with and among our member and partner organizations and individual supporters in our work "to drive collaborative efforts for policy and practices that create a landscape of breastfeeding support across the United States." Therefore, the content that we share here should be related not only to breastfeeding, but specifically to advocacy and collaboration efforts that "help make breastfeeding easier."

Please note:

  • Unless otherwise noted, posted content is not written by doctors or other health care professionals. The information posted is in no way intended to diagnose or treat any medical condition. If you are concerned about your health, or that of your child, please consult with your health care provider.
  • Content is provided for informational and sharing purposes only. The posting or sharing of any link, article, or other content item should never be interpreted as endorsement of such item by the United States Breastfeeding Committee, unless specifically noted. USBC has a strict endorsement policy requiring a formal request and approval process. Any endorsements will be explicitly listed as such.
  • Content posted by users/fans/followers/subscribers does not necessarily reflect the views of the USBC and the USBC is in no way responsible or liable for any such content.
  • We ask that any promotional posts/links be sent to the Page administrators privately for approval. Please do NOT post advertising (of products or services) or links to your business. Advertisement posts made without prior permission may be deleted. Repeat posts in violation of this procedure may result in removal/blocking from the fora.


The USBC’s focus as a coalition is on collaboration—our mission centers around connecting the many diverse entities working on breastfeeding in all sectors of society. This includes sharing information with member and partner organizations and individual supporters about "happenings" in the breastfeeding world. Recognizing that the USBC serves many constituencies with sometimes different and even conflicting needs, we realize that all users/fans/followers/subscribers and members of online communities will not always agree on all issues. Therefore, we ask that everyone interacting with the USBC's social media presence and online communities follow these guidelines with this spirit:

  • The USBC welcomes and supports ALL breastfeeding people and families, regardless of racial or ethnic identity, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, educational background or socioeconomic status.
  • This community is dedicated to taking action to promote, protect and support breastfeeding. This does not include shaming or blaming parents who need or choose to formula feed or supplement. Engage with the community in a way that is civil and promotes an overall feeling of safety, comfort, and support for everyone, and please remember that: 
    • Each of us comes with good intentions.
    • Each of us is doing our best at this moment.
    • Each of us has relevant skills and knowledge.
  • You are communicating with REAL people who have REAL feelings. We encourage you to remember that online communication strips all nuance from a message because the reader cannot hear your tone of voice or see your facial expressions or body language. Misunderstandings can easily happen when we are working with just the written word. Please be especially mindful of this while commenting and reading. Readers may infuse a message with a sentiment that wasn't there on the part of the writer. It can be easy to "get carried away" in the heat of the moment and hard to make up for it afterward. Please be kind, polite, respectful, and calm, even when you might be disagreeing with others.
  • The USBC values respectful differences of opinion. You don't have to agree with everything, but we ask that the discourse remain respectful, constructive, and supportive. Please remember that:
    • Affirming one another builds a sense of community.
    • No shaming, attacking or discounting will be tolerated.
  • Do NOT attack other commenters, whether individuals or organizations. Insults, name calling, disrespect, gossip/speculation, and attacks are not appropriate, and will not be tolerated. All such attacks will be deleted. Instead, consider taking a moment to walk away or breathe, or simply don't reply or post. 
  • The USBC has no obligation to delete content that you find personally objectionable or offensive. We reserve the right to remove any content we deem inappropriate, with or without warning.
  • You do not need to agree with these guidelines, but you do need to respect them. Comments that violate these guidelines will result in the commenter's permissions being blocked. By participating in our community you are agreeing to abide by the spirit and letter of our guidelines, and to submit to their interpretation and enforcement by our staff.

Thank you for your support in making USBC social media and online communities safe places to exchange information!

Adapted from various community guidelines including, but not limited to, the USBC NBCC Community Norms, the Best for Babes Foundation, and