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Let's Move & Task Force on Obesity

Let's Move Campaign

Let’s Move! is a comprehensive initiative, launched by First Lady Michelle Obama, dedicated to solving the problem of obesity within a generation so that kids born today will grow up healthier and able to pursue their dreams. The five pillars of the initiative are:

  1. Creating a healthy start for children
  2. Empowering parents and caregivers
  3. Providing healthy food in schools
  4. Improving access to healthy, affordable foods
  5. Increasing physical activity

 Let's Move! Activities Related to Breastfeeding

White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity

As part of this effort, President Barack Obama established the first-ever White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity to develop and implement an inter-agency plan that details a coordinated strategy, identifies key benchmarks, and outlines an action plan to end the problem of childhood obesity within a generation. The goal of the action plan is to reduce the childhood obesity rate to just five percent by 2030 – the same rate before childhood obesity first began to rise in the late 1970s. In total, the Report to the President presents a series of 70 specific recommendations, many of which can be implemented right away.

The Early Childhood section includes the following recommendations for breastfeeding:

  • Recommendation 1.3: Hospitals and health care providers should use maternity care practices that empower new mothers to breastfeed, such as the Baby-Friendly hospital standards.
  • Recommendation 1.4: Health care providers and insurance companies should provide information to pregnant women and new mothers on breastfeeding, including the availability of educational classes, and connect pregnant women and new mothers to breastfeeding support programs to help them make an informed infant feeding decision.
  • Recommendation 1.5: Local health departments and community-based organizations, working with health care providers, insurance companies, and others should develop peer support programs that empower pregnant women and mothers to get the help and support they need from other mothers who have breastfed.
  • Recommendation 1.6: Early childhood settings should support breastfeeding.