NBCC 2021 Goals & Learning Arcs

Conference Overarching Goals 

The goals of this convening are to create a sharing and learning space that: 

  • Fosters an inclusive leaderful movement, celebrating the contributions and building the skills of the diverse lactation support providers and public health partners who serve families and communities across the nation.
  • Builds organizational capacity and commitment to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within public health systems to ensure health equity for all.
  • Acknowledges our differences and allows for diverse thoughts and perspectives to co-exist as we advance a shared agenda for the First Food field through collaborations and partnerships of advocates at the community, state, and national levels.

Conference Learning Arcs & Objectives


Resilience: Power of Community

This arc highlights the sustained ability of communities to access, generate and utilize resources to confront, adapt systems, recover, and thrive in the face of adversity.

Objective #1: Name two ways that increasing connectedness and fostering collaboration enhances community resilience, including the improvement of breastfeeding outcomes. 

Objective #2: Describe two ways small organizations have succeeded in acquiring sustainable funding and the role consistent, sustainable funding plays in reducing organizational fatigue.  

Objective #3: List three indicators of resilient communities and explain how these factors can shape policies to enhance breastfeeding support for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC).

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Emergency Preparedness and Response

This arc highlights how communities and coalitions plan for, respond to, and recover from major disruptions or disasters.

Objective #1: Describe lactation support services needed during local Emergency Preparedness and Response efforts.

Objective #2Identify at least one solution to address equity issues in Infant and Young Child Feeding in Emergency (IYCFE) Response.


Advocacy in Practice

This arc highlights successful mechanisms and activities, such as media campaigns and public speaking, that educate, influence, and inform organizational, policy, or practice changes

Objective #1Describe the importance of interprofessional collaboration to build community capacity to improve breastfeeding policy decisions.

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