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The 2020 National Breastfeeding Conference & Convening

The Tenth National Breastfeeding Conference & Convening (NBCC) will be held on June 12-13, 2020 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The USBC is thrilled to convene this unparalleled event once again, with a continued focus on the enhancement of breastfeeding coalitions' capacity to implement The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding through policy and practice change, with an emphasis on racial equity and community engagement.

USBC's National Breastfeeding Conference & Convening brings together breastfeeding-focused representatives from across the country: coalition leaders from every U.S. state and territory; representatives from relevant government departments; national non-profits, non-governmental organizations including consumer (parents) groups; and health professional associations. This inclusive, dynamic gathering assists with the development of the leadership capacity to more effectively protect, promote, and support breastfeeding at the national, state, and local/community levels.

Conference Overarching Goals 

The goals of this in-person forum are to create a sharing and learning space that: 

  • Fosters an inclusive leaderful movement, celebrating the contributions and building the skills of the diverse lactation support providers and public health partners who serve families and communities across the nation.
  • Builds organizational capacity and commitment to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion within public health systems to ensure health equity for all.
  • Acknowledges our differences and allows for diverse thoughts and perspectives to co-exist as we advance a shared agenda for the First Food field through collaborations and partnerships of advocates at the community, state, and national levels.

Conference Learning Arcs

  1. Advocacy & Agency: Sessions in this arc highlight successful advocacy mechanisms and campaigns that educate and inform organizational and community advocacy planning while identifying how to navigate systems of power. Agency also refers to each individual's and organization's capacity and ability to step into their role as breastfeeding advocates and influencers.
  2. Continuity of Care: Sessions in this arc explore how to ensure breastfeeding families do not "fall through the cracks" during transitions in care, such as moving from hospital to home or returning to work or school environments, and identify best practices to ensure every family gets the education and support they need to meet their personal breastfeeding goals.
  3. Policy, Systems, & Environmental Changes: Sessions in this arc focus on transformative systems that support the diverse needs of breastfeeding families. This includes approaches that seek to go beyond programming and into the development of systems that create structures in everyday life that make healthy choices practical and available to all community members.

Conference Objectives 

  1. List at least three strategies for advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in breastfeeding support programs and initiatives.
  2. Identify up to three ways that a diverse lactation support professional workforce improves the breastfeeding experience for families and the public health outcomes in communities.
  3. Define policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) change.
  4. Identify up to three ways to integrate breastfeeding promotion and support into the broader public health agenda through partnerships or a policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) change approach.
  5. List up to three ways to advance a shared agenda for the First Food field through collaborations and partnerships at the community, state, and federal levels. 
  6. Define up to three mechanisms that can be used to create continuity of care (COC) to support breastfeeding in communities.
  7. Identify pathways and levers for change that amplify the diverse needs and voices of families and communities.

Learn, Connect, & Act at the Annual NBCC!

The conference learning days have been designed to include:

  • Full group learning sessions
  • Breakout Panel sessions for peer sharing
  • Table Topics peer sharing
  • Poster Sessions

This year’s conference will offer several networking opportunities, including:

  • Regional Meetings
  • Special Interest Meetings
  • Networking Event 
  • Welcome Exhibits Dessert Reception

General conference questions? E-mail