Weekly Wednesday Wire: September 24, 2014

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Federal News

ACA and Women's Health Resources, from OWH

The HHS Office on Women's Health is working in partnership with WebMD and Medscape to help consumers and health care providers learn more about women's health and the Affordable Care Act. Visit the Understanding the Affordable Care Act and Women's Health webpage on the WebMD website to find articles, checklists, and interviews with experts on topics such as health insurance coverage for quitting smoking, losing weight, and becoming a new mom. Health care providers can participate in two online activities about the clinical preventive services available for women through the health care law on the MedScape website. Continuing medical education credits are available upon completion. Please note: providers need to create a free account before they are permitted to access the Medscape site. CME information:

Women's Health Statistical Resource, from OWH

The HHS Office on Women's Health has released the 2014 edition of the Women's Health and Mortality Chartbook, a statistical resource on women's health in each of the states, the District of Columbia, Guam, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The chartbook was developed to provide readers with an easy-to-use collection of current jurisdiction data on critical issues of relevance to women. A total of 28 different health indicators are featured, which highlight some of the key issues related to women's health being measured regularly at the state level. The chartbook is recommended as a reference for policymakers and program managers at the Federal and state levels to identify key health issues of importance in each jurisdiction.

Sudden Unexpected Death Data Enhancement and Awareness Act (S. 2746 / H.R. 669)

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed the Sudden Unexpected Death (SUID) Data Enhancement and Awareness Act. This legislation would provide for the continued development and updating of protocols and data collection related to stillbirths and sudden, unexpected deaths in both infants and children. A companion bill was introduced in the Senate that is currently before the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions. Visit the Sudden Unexpected Death in Childhood Program website to learn more about this legislation and how you can support it, and see the bill fact sheet for a list of activities the bill would support.

Member News

UN Week Coverage of Women & Children, from FHI 360

The United Nations Millennium Development Goals are eight goals that all 191 UN Member States agreed to try to achieve by the year 2015. Leaders from around the world are gathering this week for the annual meeting of the General Assembly of the United Nations to discuss the post-2015 development agenda. FHI 360 has joined a coalition of partners to launch the U.N. Week Coverage of Women & Children Crowd 360, curating coverage of women and children, the Millennium Development Goals, and the post-2015 agenda into one user-friendly location. Follow the conversation at hashtag #MDG456Live. 

Partner News

New Child Survival Reports, from UNICEF

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) has published their 2014 progress report, Committing to Child Survival: A Promise Renewed, highlighting breastfeeding as a key intervention. A Promise Renewed is a global movement to end preventable child deaths by accelerating progress on maternal, newborn and child survival. In support of this initiative, UNICEF publishes yearly reports on child survival to track progress, promote accountability for global commitments made to children, and help sustain political commitment. Read the press release.

UNICEF also has released the report, New Estimates in Levels and Trends in Child Mortality 2014, showing that under-five mortality rates dropped by 49% between 1990 and 2013, but overall progress is still short of meeting the global target of a two-thirds decrease by 2015. Read the press release.

News from the Field

Report on Impact of Revised WIC Food Packages, from FRAC

The Food Research and Action Center has published the report brief, Impact of the Revised WIC Food Packages on Nutrition Outcomes and the Retail Food Environment. The WIC food packages were revised in 2007 to align the authorized food with the latest nutrition science and guidance. The report shows that the revised WIC food packages can have favorable impacts on dietary intake, breastfeeding outcomes, and obesity rates as well as on the retail food environment, especially in low-income communities.

Funding Prevention Discussion Paper, from IoM

The Institute of Medicine has published the discussion paper, Closing the Loop: Why We Need to Invest—and Reinvest—in Prevention. Authors Larry Cohen and Anthony Iton propose a sustainable model for funding prevention strategies, in which the prevention system continuously captures and reinvests savings through intermediary organizations that support the development of community strategies to improve health, reduce costs, and reduce the need for additional health care, thereby creating a virtuous cycle of investment before people are sick or injured. Please note: The views expressed in discussion papers are those of the authors and not necessarily of the authors' organizations or of the IoM. Discussion papers are intended to help inform and stimulate discussion. They have not been subjected to the review procedures of the IoM and are not reports of the IoM or of the National Research Council.

News and Views

The Journal of the American Medical Association: "US Breastfeeding Rates Fall Short of National Goals"

Work in Progress (DOL blog): "Guess Who's Leading on Paid Leave? (Hint: Not Us)"


Truthout Op Ed: "The Color of Infant Mortality"

Daily Mail UK: "What does your country really think about breastfeeding? From 'embarrassing' in China to 'natural' in the U.S., how perspectives vary across the globe"

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