Weekly Wednesday Wire: October 28, 2015

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Member News

New Policy Statement on Food Security, from AAP

The American Academy of Pediatrics has released a new policy statement, "Promoting Food Security for all Children," recommending for the first time that pediatricians screen all children for food insecurity. The statement identifies the short and long-term adverse health impacts of food insecurity, and recommends that pediatricians become familiar with and refer families to needed community resources. Importantly, the statement renews the call for protecting and increasing access to and funding for SNAP, WIC, school nutrition programs, and summer feeding programs at the federal, state, and local levels. Read the press release.

Racism Webinar Recordings, from APHA/AAP

The American Public Health Association has released recordings from the recent webinar series about racism's impact on health and disparities, "The Impact of Racism on the Health and Well-Being of the Nation." An additional recorded webinar co-hosted with the American Academy of Pediatrics, entitled "Racism and Its Impact on Children's Health," has also been made available online. The webinar discusses racism as an adverse childhood event and a cause of toxic stress, and the role of racial socialization in helping children learn to navigate race issues.

Partner News

NGOs Criticize WHO Action on Conflicts of Interest, from Baby Milk Action/IBFAN UK

For the past four years, the World Health Organization (WHO) and its governing bodies have been discussing a new set of policies called Framework of Engagement with Non State Actors (FENSA). In response to a recent document issued by the WHO Secretariat about implementation of FENSA, 55 NGOs working in health, right to food and nutrition, and human rights have written to the WHO Director General calling on her to protect the UN and overall policy-making from corporate takeover.

Safe Sleep National Action Plan Unveiled, from NAPPSS

The National Action Partnership to Promote Safe Sleep has released the National Action Plan to Increase Safe Infant Sleep on a webinar hosted by HRSA's Maternal and Child Health Bureau. Webinar participants learned about the plan's development, the NAPPSS Coalition Members involved, ways the plan will be implemented, and how their work relates to the plan. NAPPSS also unveiled an interactive version of the plan on its website: one of its key features is a mechanism for sharing actions related to implementation of the plan. NAPPSS will add this information to the plan to create a roadmap for making safe infant sleep a national norm.

News from the Field

Study on Workplace Accommodations to Support Breastfeeding, from Women's Health Issues

The Jacobs Institute of Women's Health has published a study entitled, "Access to Workplace Accommodations to Support Breastfeeding after Passage of the Affordable Care Act," examining the associations between the access as mandated by the federal law and breastfeeding initiation and duration. The study found that only 40% of women had access to both break time and private space. Women with both adequate break time and private space were 2.3 times as likely to be breastfeeding exclusively at 6 months and 1.5 times as likely to continue breastfeeding exclusively with each passing month, when compared with women without access to these accommodations.

Social Determinants of Health Twitter Chat, from ACHP

The Alliance of Community Health Plans will host a Twitter chat on Addressing Social Determinants to Improve Health on Friday, October 30, from 1-2 p.m. ET. Join the conversation by using the hashtag #ACHPCommHealth.

CHNA and Childhood Obesity Report, from CHA

The Affordable Care Act requires all tax-exempt hospitals to conduct community health needs assessments (CHNA) every three years and develop implementation strategies for addressing those needs. Hospitals are expected to work with public health and community partners to uncover significant community health needs and find solutions. The Catholic Health Association of the United States has published Community Benefit - Childhood Obesity: Report from the First Round of CHNA's & Implementation Strategies. The report highlights that implementation strategies targeting childhood obesity include breastfeeding initiatives involving prenatal education and attempts to increase breastfeeding support in work, hospital, and public settings.

Updated Community Health Needs Assessment Hub, from Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente has launched the Kaiser Permanente Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA) Hub on Community Commons. With updated data, refined indicators, and a new Preliminary Health Needs Identification Tool (PHNIT), the CHNA Data Platform was specifically redesigned and updated for the Kaiser Permanente hospital system community benefit reporting process.

State/Community News

Governor Signs New Women's Rights into Law, from New York

New York Governor Cuomo has signed multiple pieces of legislation designed to protect and further women's equality in New York State. The new laws will help achieve pay equity, strengthen human trafficking laws and protections for domestic violence victims, and end pregnancy discrimination in all workplaces. The law requires employers to provide reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees, clarifying that employers must perform a reasonable accommodation analysis.

Collective Impact Connection

Maintaining Passion in Collective Impact Work, from SSIR

The Stanford Social Innovation Review has published an article entitled, "Bringing Soul to the Work of Collective Impact," exploring how passion, knowledge, sense of urgency, and commitment to advance racial inclusion infuse soul into the work of collective impact. The focus is on cultivating self-mastery as a results-motivated leader.

News & Views

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