Weekly Wednesday Wire: July 22, 2015

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USBC Updates

National Breastfeeding Month 2015 Webpage and Twitter Chats

In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month (NBM) in August, the USBC will host a social media advocacy campaign with a variety of online actions and conversations to raise awareness and advocate for the policy and practice changes breastfeeding families need. The campaign will focus on a specific sector/system of support each week, with the following schedule:

Save the date(s): Each Wednesday of the month, join the USBC and other partners for the MomsRising #WellnessWed Twitter chat on the week's theme, from 2-3 p.m. ET. The campaign webpage is now live with additional information on how to participate, as well as templates to promote the campaign on social media and in newsletters.

Partner News

Breastfeeding Article, from NICHQ

The NICHQ (National Institute for Children's Health Quality) blog has published a post, "Hospital Breaks Barriers for Cesarean Section Couplet," describing how hospitals participating in the New York State Breastfeeding Quality Improvement in Hospitals (NYS BQIH) Collaborative are working to improve skin-to-skin rates after cesarean section.

News from the Field

White House Summit on Working Families: Progress at One Year, from Center for American Progress

The Center for American Progress has released an interactive report highlighting the progress made for working families since the White House Summit on Working Families, held in June 2014. The report highlights actions taken by the Obama Administration, introduced federal/state legislation, state summits, and state/local successes. 

Collective Impact Connection

Lessons on Engaging the Private Sector in Collective Impact, from Collective Impact Forum

The Collective Impact Forum has released two blog posts about engagement of the private sector in collective impact work. The first, "When and How to Engage the Private Sector in Collective Impact," is an interview with Kim Fortunato, Director of Campbell Healthy Communities program, discussing the impetus for their initiative and lessons they have learned. The second, "10 Lessons Learned from Engaging the Business Community in Collective Impact," is a compilation of lessons learned from private sector and other community leaders actively engaged in collective impact. 

State/Community News

Breastfeeding Grand Rounds 2015, from New York

Join the New York State WIC Program and University at Albany School of Public Health on Thursday, August 6, from 8:30-10:30 a.m. ET for a webinar entitled, "Breastfeeding and the Workplace: Success Takes a Team." Participants will gain a better understanding of the challenges that mothers and employers face when a mother returns to work, learn strategies for providing meaningful support while complying with federal and state labor laws, and learn what resources are available and where to find them. 

News & Views

National Military Family Association, Featured News: "TRICARE's Breastfeeding Services & Supplies Policy: Lots of Great News and a Few Question Marks"

Bustle: "Target's Breastfeeding Policy Is Getting A Lot Of Attention This Week For All The Best Reasons — PHOTO"

The Huffington Post: "The Redline of Courage"

Health Affairs Blog: "How Medicaid Coverage For Doula Care Could Improve Birth Outcomes, Reduce Costs, And Improve Equity"

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