BREAKING: Federal airport bill, stories needed!!

It's National Women's Health Week, and we want to hear from YOU!! We know that breastfeeding is important for both babies and moms. And no matter what they're doing or where they are, breastfeeding mothers need to express milk every few hours.

That's why this week Congresswoman Tammy Duckworth is launching a new federal bill called the FAM (Friendly Airports for Mothers) Act, which would require airports to provide accessible, safe, clean, and convenient lactation rooms for travelers.

Since the birth of her daughter last November, Representative Duckworth has learned first hand about the challenge of finding a clean and private space to breastfeed or pump breast milk in an airport. By introducing the FAM Act, she is doing her part to help make breastfeeding easier for our Nation's families, but she can't do it alone.

We need YOUR stories about how lactation accommodations in airports have (or would have) made a difference for you. Together we can demonstrate why this bill is crucial to helping more moms achieve their personal breastfeeding goals.

Your submissions will become part of a bank of real-life stories, compiled and displayed in real time and used for a variety of purposes, including in conversations with Congress, policymakers, and the media, and in future action campaigns, blogs, articles, etc.

But building support for breastfeeding mothers in airports is just one piece of the larger puzzle. From improving maternity care practices to supporting implementation of state and federal workplace breastfeeding law, 2015 is a year of action and opportunity.

Together, our voices are helping to remove the barriers to breastfeeding success. Thank you for your continued support!

--The USBC Team

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