New Resource: Voices from the Field: COVID-19 & Infant Feeding

The USBC has published the second edition of "Voices from the Field: COVID-19 & Infant Feeding." The COVID-19 pandemic has created seismic shifts in the infant and young child feeding landscape with dangerous compromises to the initiation and establishment of breastfeeding. The U.S. Breastfeeding Committee is collecting stories from families, clinicians, and allied health workers to create a public record of their lived experiences. This second installment of Voices from the Field demonstrates the impact of the pandemic and associated policy responses on families and communities. It is a sampling of stories shared with the USBC between April 9 and May 13, 2020. 

2020-05-15 COVID-19 Voices from the Field Cover Extra Small.jpg

Individuals are encouraged to continue sharing stories via USBC's online tool titled "How is the COVID-19 Pandemic Impacting Infant Feeding?". There are options to share privately and anonymously. Stories shared privately will not be included in public documents like Voices from the Field.

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