Weekly Wednesday Wire: May 20, 2015

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USBC Updates

"Landscape of Breastfeeding Support" Image Gallery Available

As part of the "Landscape of Breastfeeding Support" photo project, the USBC sub-contracted with eight breastfeeding coalitions to create a library of images to capture and showcase "stories" of breastfeeding support in action across four areas that represent the primary factors influencing mothers' infant feeding decisions: Community, Research, Health Care, and Employment. This Image Gallery is now available as a free resource for the field, featuring more than 10,000 high-quality, high-resolution images. The photos were featured in The Surgeon General's Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding, as well as at launch events for the document. Upon agreeing to the Terms of Use, any of the images can be downloaded and used in efforts to promote positive and fair portrayals of breastfeeding support in action.

Federal News

National Women's Health Week Wrap-Up, from OWH

The HHS Office on Women's Health has wrapped up its campaign for National Women's Health Week, celebrated each year during the week that begins with Mother's Day. Highlights included a Presidential Proclamation from President Barack Obama and a blog post from HHS Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell about the significance of the Affordable Care Act for women's health.

Member News

Special Issue on Emergency Preparedness and Response, from AMCHP

The Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs has released an special edition of its Pulse newsletter on emergency preparedness and response. The issue features articles on a variety of maternal and child health activities in disasters as well as experiences from Hawaii, Mississippi, and Pennsylvania highlighted in the Member-to-Member section.  

WIC Reauthorization Fact Sheets, from NWA/CWA

The California WIC Association recently worked with the National WIC Association to produce three new fact sheets on proposed changes to WIC as part of reauthorization. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to take the fact sheets to their local legislators to show the tremendous impact of WIC and how these changes could make the program even better.

Partner News

Linkages between Workplace Policies and Health Care Reform, from CLASP

The Center for Law and Social Policy has released a brief on paid leave and access to preventive health care, which argues that in order to maximize the benefits of expanded access to care, workers need paid family and sick leave. Because many workplaces do not provide such leaves, millions of Americans cannot benefit from comprehensive health care reform designed to guarantee access to preventive care that could produce cost savings and better long-term public health outcomes. This highlights the need to synchronize policies in the workplace with health care reform in order to ensure that all can benefit from critical health services.

Corporate Influence at the World Health Organization, from IBFAN

The International Baby Food Action Network has published a press release on the latest in the debate about how WHO interacts with corporations. In the context of its Reform Process, the WHO Secretariat has been working on a new Framework of Engagement with non-State Actors: a term that applies equally to corporations, big philanthropies, and public interest groups. IBFAN is calling for the negotiations to be put on hold and for the work to be informed by an expert meeting on conflicts of interest with public participation, with the aim of ensuring that WHO is protected from undue corporate and funder influence and stays true to its constitutional mandate.

Breastfeeding Article, from NICHQ

The NICHQ (National Institute for Children's Health Quality) May 2015 newsletter includes a breastfeeding article, entitled "Why I Participate: By Parent Partner Lilia Rodriguez."

News from the Field

Telehealth Webinar, from NIHCM

Join the National Institute for Health Care Management for a webinar on June 12 from 1:00-2:30 p.m. ET, entitled The Virtual Visit: How Telehealth Is Reshaping Care Delivery. The webinar will explore the future of telehealth in America, including the the federal government's approach, the current state regulatory landscape and predictions for future action, an example of telemedicine leading to reductions in costly and preventable emergency care, and a unique digital retail clinic created through a hospital-health plan partnership.

New Center for Wellness and Nutrition, from PHI

The Public Health Institute has launched the new Center for Wellness and Nutrition, to build partnerships to change communities where poor diet, physical inactivity, and obesity are prevalent—empowering people to eat healthier foods, engage in physical activity, and create safer environments where healthy choices are accessible to all. The Center offers specialized expertise in intervention and program design, evaluation, and capacity building. 

Collective Impact Connection

Helping Correctly, from Tamarack Seeking Community blog

Tamarack's Seeking Community blog has published a post about understanding when to help, entitled "When is helping the wrong thing to do?" The post contains questions to help any individual or organization understand when it is appropriate to offer a solution and why this question matters for community building.

State/Community News

New Human Milk Bank, from Florida

The Mothers' Milk Bank of Florida will have its Grand Opening on June 11, the first Human Milk Banking Association of North America milk bank in the state, serving all of Florida's maternity hospitals. There are several locations throughout the state with depots for collection of donated human milk, and they are looking to establish more. 

News & Views

Latino USA (NPR): "Breastfeeding in Schools"

The Huffington Post: "TV Network Under Fire After Omitting Breastfeeding Scene From Broadcast"

The Washington Post: "Businesses and breastfeeding"

New Republic: "Taking care of our own"

City Lab (The Atlantic blog): "How Airports Are Trying to Become Breastfeeding-Friendly"

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