Weekly Wednesday Wire: July 24, 2013

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USBC Updates

National Breastfeeding Month: Action for the Summer Recess

When constituents talk, legislators listen! The National Breastfeeding Month Webinar: Action for the Summer Recess will prepare you to engage with legislators to build support for policies and programs that help breastfeeding families. Schedule an appointment with your Senators and Representative at their local office during the August recess to ensure your voice is heard. To schedule an appointment, call the legislator's local office and ask for the person who handles scheduling. Let them know you are a constituent and that you would like to schedule a meeting to discuss policies that impact breastfeeding families. 

Helpful Resources:

Federal News

2013 Annual Status Report, from National Prevention Council

The National Prevention, Health Promotion, and Public Health Council (the National Prevention Council) 2013 Annual Status Report is now available. The Report shows how each of the departments and agencies that make up the Council is making the federal government a leader in prevention, including outlining actions to support breastfeeding from the Departments of Defense, Labor, and Health and Human Services. Share the Council's progress on Twitter using the #NPSAction hashtag.

IHS Hospitals Designated Baby-Friendly, from IHS

A total of five Indian Health Service hospitals have now earned the Baby-Friendly designation, as part of the IHS Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative, aiming to designate all IHS obstetric facilities as Baby-Friendly by the end of 2014. As a result of this initiative, breastfeeding initiation rates at these five facilities are now consistently in the 90th percentile, and exclusive breastfeeding rates have continued to climb. 

Partner News

CEO Council on Health and Innovation, from Bipartisan Policy Center

The Bipartisan Policy Center, together with business and health leaders, has launched a new CEO Council on Health and Innovation, comprised of chief executives of some of the nation's largest employers who have a significant stake in the health and health care of their workforces. Over the coming months, Council members will share and discuss innovative strategies and best practices to improve the health and wellness of their employees and achieve higher quality and more cost-effective care.

State/Community News

Inequity in Breastfeeding Support Summit, from Washington

Read highlights from the 2013 Inequity in Breastfeeding Support Summit, collaboratively hosted by WithinReach's Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington, Mahogony Moms Breastfeeding Coalition, Native American Breastfeeding Coalition of Washington, and community breastfeeding activists. The summit aimed to increase the cultural competence of breastfeeding supporters, increase the proportion of breastfeeding counselors who are women of color, and increase the organizations that provide culturally relevant breastfeeding support to women of color.

News Clippings

Journal of Human Lactation: Special Issue: "Breastfeeding and Human Milk in Neonatal Intensive Care"

Lactation Matters blog: "Model Payer Policy for the United States – Steps to Make a Difference"

Jodine's World blog: "Facebook changes breastfeeding image review system: how it works, and how Facebook can make it better"

The Huffington Post: "Waitress Gives Mom Free Pizza For Breastfeeding

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