USBC e-News: Inaugural Issue 2009

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USBC e-Newsletter November 2009

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The Convention on the Rights of the Child: A brief history

The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) is one of the eight major human rights treaties that have been adopted by the United Nations since 1969. The CRC, adopted in 1989, has been ratified by 193 countries, although not by the United States. The U.S. government was very active in the drafting process, which lasted more than a decade. Much of the key language in the document was proposed by American diplomats, so our country's failure to ratify the CRC has been baffling to child advocates around the world.

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Chair's Column

Welcome to the first USBC e-Newsletter!

2009 has been a pivotal year for the United States Breastfeeding Committee. The Board of Directors is working diligently and energetically to continue to strengthen the organization and refocus on the priorities laid out in our new strategic plan. Our sincere thanks go to the USBC member and coalition representatives who helped to ensure that our strategic decisions are based on representative feedback. To learn more about USBC's recent activities and accomplishments, please visit our Web site.

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The Inside Scoop

Healthy People 2020 Draft Objectives were released in October-they include three new breastfeeding objectives...

The Joint Commission published a new Perinatal Care Core Measure set, including its first ever performance measure on breastfeeding (PC-05: Exclusive Breast Milk Feeding).

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Collaboration Central

The National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy: Research, Education, and Legal would like to collaborate on efforts to catalogue violations of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes for the next country report. Please contact NABA if you encounter Code violations on any Web sites, blogs, printed materials, or product packaging covered within the scope of the Code.

One Dollar for Every Mom

USBC aims to raise One Dollar for Every New Mom in the United States. With these funds, we will make mothers' voices heard in ongoing national debates on health care, work-life balance, and consumer safety. The closer we come to representing each mother in America, the more clearly we can show the President and Congress: "Americans believe that EVERY MOTHER COUNTS." Help us reach the goal of one dollar for each new mother. Visit the campaign online and donate today!

Member Spotlight: Baby-Friendly USA

Baby-Friendly USA is the national authority for the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI) in the United States. The BFHI is a global program sponsored by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) to encourage and recognize hospitals and birthing centers that offer an optimal level of care for lactation. The BFHI promotes, protects, and supports breastfeeding through the practice of the WHO/UNICEF Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding in birth facilities.

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Coalition Spotlight:
Rhode Island Breastfeeding Coalition

The Rhode Island Breastfeeding Coalition (RIBC) was formed as an independent nonprofit organization in 1992, with a mission to protect, promote, and support breastfeeding in Rhode Island. A hallmark of the coalition's success has been its ability to effectively engage and retain a diverse range of community partners. The small size of the state allows RIBC to meet in person on a monthly basis, building a strong sense of community and accountability among members that is reinforced by a lively list serv.

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Journal Review

Exploring the impact of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative on trends in exclusive breastfeeding.

Closing the quality gap: promoting evidence-based breastfeeding care in the hospital.

Hospital practices and women's likelihood of fulfilling their intention to exclusively breastfeed.

Progress in protecting, promoting, and supporting breastfeeding: 1984-2009.

Breastfeeding promotion for infants in neonatal units: a systematic review and economic analysis.

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Coalition Queries

Need help to navigate the nonprofit law in your state? The National Council of Nonprofits has a network of state associations that provide state-specific resources and information. The Council also recently released a special report on the Economic Outlook for nonprofits.

Independent Sector and BoardSource have partnered to create a workbook based on the Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice. The Principles, developed by the Panel on the Nonprofit Sector in 2007, are 33 recommendations to help organizations of all sizes and missions as they work to improve their operations. Download a free copy of the workbook.

Action Alerts

Watch the Senate HELP Committee debate Senator Merkley's amendment to its health reform bill, which would provide breastfeeding mothers with break time and a private place to pump at work. The HELP Committee passed the amendment unanimously, and it is expected to remain in the merged Senate bill. Stay tuned for further updates as health reform progresses.

Tell Congress to Support the Breastfeeding Promotion Act of 2009: Learn more and write to Congress through USBC's Action Alert page.

Sign MomsRising's petition to expand and strengthen Paid Family Leave: a crucial step towards giving mothers the time and support they need to begin and establish breastfeeding.

In the Media

Watch USBC members on Orlando's "Flashpoint" program: discussing breastfeeding in public with anchor (and breastfeeding mother) Lauren Rowe.

Breastfeeding advocates demand ethical marketing of human milk substitutes in a "Nestle Twitterstorm."

Breastfed baby denied health care coverage: "Your baby is too fat."

Breastfeeding: Food for Thought

Enjoy these breastfeeding commercials from other countries:



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