Breastfeeding in Health Care Coverage: Mind the Gaps!

It's 2015: why are so many families still forced to fight for adequate breastfeeding coverage in their health plans?

The current state of breastfeeding support in health care coverage varies widely, leaving many without access to the supplies or counseling they need. That's why we need YOUR help to demand that insurers and policymakers provide coverage equity in breastfeeding care, regardless of the type of health plan.

In celebration of National Breastfeeding Month (NBM) 2015, the USBC is hosting a social media advocacy campaign inviting supporters to join a variety of online actions and conversations to raise awareness and advocate for the policy and practice changes breastfeeding families need.

Each week of August the campaign is focusing on a specific sector/system of support, with Twitter chats and advocacy tools to inspire education and action to support breastfeeding families from the grassroots to the treetops. This week's theme is Breastfeeding in Health Care Coverage: Mind the Gaps!

"My insurance company told me that breast pumps and supplies were only covered if my child was born premature or with a heart condition. I work away from home and the only way my child receives breast milk and I can maintain my supply so she can still breastfeed is through pumping. I paid for the pump completely out of pocket, as well as the continuing storage supplies."

– Sheila, Alabama

There are several easy ways to take action:

  1. Tell Health & Human Services Secretary Burwell to issue clear federal guidance on implementation of the ACA requirements: With our online petition, you can add your name with just a few clicks of the mouse!
  2. Share stories of experiences with your health plan's breastfeeding coverage: Submissions become part of a bank of real-life stories that we share with legislators to seek co-sponsorship, and quote in action campaigns, blogs, articles, and conversations with policymakers and the media.
  3. Tweet insurers: Public praise or criticism goes a long way toward encouraging insurers to maintain or improve breastfeeding support. Click on the "Tweet Now!" links in our webpage chart to send a customized Twitter message to insurance companies highlighting their score on the National Breastfeeding Center's Payer Scorecard. Note: If you don't already have a Twitter account, the links will first walk you through easy account setup steps.
  4. Help spread the word: Promote this week's actions to your network using our shareable graphics.

With such a variety of ways to raise our voices, we can demonstrate the Nation's overwhelming support for action to support #Breastfeeding in #HealthPlan Coverage!

Your voice can make all the difference...thank you for your continued participation and support.

-Megan, Amelia, Kinkini, and the USBC team

Like what we're doing? Join our work to make a difference for our nation's families:

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