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We are excited to partner with you and celebrate your coalition’s efforts, so stakeholders across the country understand how improved breastfeeding protection, promotion and support are making a difference in the lives of women and families.

The Coalition Spotlight will include:

  1. A monthly coalitions e-newsletter with stories from the field, and our top picks of tools, tips, and strategies for coalition management.
  2. A weekly “Coalition Spotlight” feature will highlight via social media the real, tangible progress being made in the First Food field. The USBC’s large network includes Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter followers.

Please send us your stories using this submission form

The Surgeon General’s Call to Action to Support Breastfeeding (SGCTA), emphasizes the cross-cutting nature of breastfeeding and the critical need for collaboration and outreach beyond the traditional “breastfeeding community” to ensure consistency and quality of breastfeeding support to every mother and baby. The SGCTA focus on developing and strengthening state coalitions (through Action 20) recognizes that it is at the state and local levels that initiatives will be implemented and adapted most effectively to address specific populations. Breastfeeding coalitions serve as powerful vehicles for mobilizing action on policy, systems, and environmental (PSE) approaches to increase breastfeeding rates and duration, tackling structural barriers, leveraging community strengths, and co-creating policies and practices to reduce inequities in breastfeeding support. Your coalition-driven advocacy has harnessed increased funding and technical assistance support to improving maternity care practices, workplace support implementation, and much more. These have addressed long-standing structural barriers to breastfeeding support.

We want to lift up stories of how you have been involved in transforming public health, health care, workplace and community-based support. We want to share stories from women and families about how insurer coverage of breastfeeding made a difference to them. These powerful stories will make it easy for Members of Congress to understand the necessity of these supports for breastfeeding families. It is vital for breastfeeding coalitions to flex our collective advocacy muscles, so we can participate at decision-making tables, armed with real stories that demonstrate the importance of breastfeeding for our Nation's families, employers, and economy.

We invite you to share your coalition’s accomplishments, so we can shine a spotlight on ways in which you are making a difference in your towns, cities, counties and state. Please share with us stories of impact using this simple submission form.

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